Haley Weisberger



Writing Clips

I have written numerous posts for Scratchpad, the Good Eggs blog and content program.


Go Behind the Scenes of a Good Eggs Photo Shoot

Scrolling through the Good Eggs marketplace, you’ll come across juicy peak-season figs, freshly-caught local rock cod, and grocery staples so many of our customers rely on week after week. These goods, along with every item (and I mean EVERY item) in our marketplace, were shot in-house, in our tiny, curtain-clad photo studio above the bustle of our operations and receiving floor downstairs….

10-12-2018-7503-Edit (2f55491f891bd6a0849f4f14eb00594a70175e75) (1).jpg

The Best Way to Seed a Pomegranate

Let’s be real. Pomegranates are downright intimidating—with their tough inedible exteriors, alien-like seed clusters, and dangerously messy juices. Is this strange looking fruit really all it’s cracked up to be? Are those little seeds really worth all the effort? Will I be able to get them out with my dignity and white shirt intact…


Feature 3

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