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Go Behind the Scenes of a Good Eggs Photo Shoot

Scrolling through the Good Eggs marketplace, you’ll come across juicy peak-season figs, freshly-caught local rock cod, and grocery staples so many of our customers rely on week after week. These goods, along with every item (and I mean EVERY item) in our marketplace, were shot in-house, in our tiny, curtain-clad photo studio above the bustle of our operations and receiving floor downstairs….

10-12-2018-7503-Edit (2f55491f891bd6a0849f4f14eb00594a70175e75) (1).jpg

The Best Way to Seed a Pomegranate

Let’s be real. Pomegranates are downright intimidating—with their tough inedible exteriors, alien-like seed clusters, and dangerously messy juices. Is this strange looking fruit really all it’s cracked up to be? Are those little seeds really worth all the effort? Will I be able to get them out with my dignity and white shirt intact…


Mix and match root veggie Latkes

Leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches have been consumed, every last crumb of stuffing has been licked from tupperware lids, and we can no longer justify having pie for breakfast. Alas, Thanksgiving has ended. But fear not, for this is just the first leg of the holiday marathon. Next up, Hanukkah (a.k.a. time for the cravably crisp potato pancakes called latkes.)


St Benoit: The Cultured Milk with a Cult Following

When Benoit de Korsak moved from France to California, he was saddened to find the yogurt aisle riddled with sugar, stabilizers, and fillers. Inspired and hungry for better yogurt, St. Benoit Creamery was founded on the principle that real food made right is real good. We took a trip to the heart of Sonoma County to understand how Benoit’s philosophy translates into full-fat yogurt and milk that’s so tasty, it’s developed a cult following…